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Legal Staffing Solutions

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Established in 1998

Specialized Recruiting for Highly Skilled Attorneys

Group of Attorneys

Legal Staffing Solutions connects seasoned attorneys to high-level positions with an emphasis on the Boston area. With years of industry experience, we have the skills and knowledge to help you make a lateral move, relocate to a new market, or change careers altogether.

Who We Help

We focus on the recruitment and placement of legal professionals for permanent positions throughout New England, in major US cities, and abroad. The majority of our candidates fall into one of the categories listed below.

  • Associates in top law firms seeking a lateral move to another firm within Boston

  • Associates in AmLaw 200 firms relocating to Boston 

  • Associates seeking in-house positions

  • Associates in AmLaw 200 firms interested in moving to mid-sized or boutique firms

  • Partners in law firms seeking an alternative partnership arrangement with another firm

  • Partners in law firms seeking in-house positions

  • Partner groups in law firms seeking another firm and/or firm mergers

Law Student Advising

Legal Staffing Solutions serves as a "Boston Market Series Expert" for top law schools including Harvard Law School, University of Pennsylvania Law School, Northwestern University School of Law, University of Michigan Law School, University of Chicago Law School, Boston College Law School, and Columbia University School of Law.

For a confidential resume analysis, please email us. We will never submit a resume for any position without your permission.