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Established in 1998

Our Recruitment Philosophy

At Legal Staffing Solutions, our goal is to provide the highest quality service to both individual candidates and companies alike. How do we ensure the highest quality service? Easily. We guarantee honesty, integrity, timeliness, and diligence for every search. Our consultants refuse to cut corners for the sake of making a placement. We exist solely on the goodwill we have established in the market, along with referrals from satisfied clients.

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What We Offer Candidates

Our candidates rely on our consultants throughout the entire hiring process. For starters, we assist in crafting a resume and/or transaction sheet in order to increase the chances of receiving an interview. Throughout the hiring process, we fully explain your available options and offer quick access to the appropriate hiring officials. We also provide insight into the interview process, so clients are never caught off-guard with surprise questions. When you receive an offer, your consultant will verify the salary and benefit information for you to ensure that the offer is market-competitive. 

Beyond Hiring

We help clients negotiate signing bonuses and relocation allowances. For candidates returning to practice in Massachusetts for the first time, we help navigate the rules for waiving into the jurisdiction or for taking the bar exam. We assist candidates with travel arrangements for interviews, and for those moving to the Boston area, we provide referrals to local real estate brokers and are helpful with information about towns and school systems. 

Ensuring Discretion

We understand that conducting a job search while presently employed is a daunting task. Legal Staffing Solutions will never submit your resume for any position without your express permission. We will ensure that the entire process remains confidential and will proceed as smoothly as possible. 

What We Offer Companies

Law firms, investment banks, and other companies have little trouble reaching unemployed and unhappily employed candidates. In our experience, targeting these candidates results in an overwhelming response and a number of unqualified resumes.

Instead, we recruit top-level talent at competitor firms and companies. These passive job seekers are often superstar attorneys, happy in their current employment situation, but potentially open to a job change for geographical reasons or particularly unique opportunities.

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We are consistently asked to fill specific needs and serve as an efficient screening mechanism for our clients. Our consultants locate high-level attorneys, explain the parameters of each open position, and present those candidates for consideration. We also guarantee that we will not actively solicit or recruit employees from any of the companies we serve as clients.